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Summer Schools

Le scuole estive proposte da docenti del Dipartimento

Attualmente il Dipartimento ha attivato una Summer School in "Italian Design"

Diamo qui una breve presentazione della Scuola rimandando al sito per ulteriori informazioni:

This Italian Design Summer School offers a unique opportunity for students and professionals interested in industrial design to understand how Italy’s tradition of "Disegno" is still living in today’s industrial design project.

Italy is famous all over the world for its history and quality of design, expressed through many industrial products, as furniture, cars, motorbikes and household devices, in which functionality and aesthetics are integrated, making them unique. The activities, for a total of 150 hours, will take place in Bologna and Bertinoro for two weeks and an half.
Visits to firms and institutions representatives of the made in Italy and to artistic and tourist places will be organized, also during the weekends, as an important part of the didactics of the course.

Sito della Summer School